Breeding Dogs

Here is some information about the dogs that we love that make up our breeding pairs.



Sadie is a beautiful Bernese Mountain Dog.

Sadie is a loving 3 year old girl that doesn’t realize she is 70 lbs. She loves to run around the yard and play chase with her friends.

She sits and waits patiently for her treat before bed.


Princess Aurora Borealis

Born in the USA.


Apricot Cream in colour. Born July 2015 this 4 years old is very independent and loves to play “come catch me game”

She is very much a princess, loves to be groomed and have pink ears! Princess is full of energy and enjoys big stuff animals!

Princess Aurora Borealis


Cassie is a well trained Bernese Mountain Dog.

She is working on becoming her guardian moms service dog. Cassie learned at a young age how to sense her mom’s anxiety and help her control it.

Cassie is very playful. She also know when her vest is on she is working and wears it proudly.



Kinder is a Bernese mountain dog.

She gets so excited when someone comes to see her.

She has learned not to jump on people so she will jump in front of you like a kangaroo.

Kinder is a great mom she looks after her pups till the leave for her forever home. She is a very loving girl!



Marley – Male

Standard Poodle Colour Chocolate Phantom

Marley B Jammin, Born December 22, 2017 in Michigan. He is a 60 lb, 28 inch Standard Chocolate Phantom poodle.

AKC/CKC Registered. Lovable energentic. Loves all his girls.

He is proven in 7 litters.

Health tested clear through DNA My Dog. Pennhips.



Moyen Poodle Colour Apricot Parti

Regal is a smart boy. Born in December 2018 in Hungary and brought to Canada.

He is a Moyen size Apricot Parti Poodle, 17 inches height and weighs 20 lbs.