Breeding Dogs

Here is some information about the dogs that we love that make up our breeding pairs.

Bernedoodles are $3500.00 each. A $500 non refundable deposit sent to will secure your spot on the waiting list for the next litter based on your requested specifications.

Please fill out an application form here.


Reba – February 2, 2018

Reba is a light apricot parti poodle. She is a small poodle 39 lbs 21″ tall.

Reba loves to run like the wind and play. She also loves to cuddle on the couch while watching TV.

She is an excellent mother and is very protective of her babies. She is very gentle.


Phoenix – February 2020

Phoenix is a registered standard poodle

Her father is Marley B-Jammin

She is our Kiss rock star! She has a great resemblance to Gene Simmons.  Phoenix is very loveable but also think she is the boss. Phoenix has just had her first litter and is an amazing mom.


Marlie G – April 2019

Marlie G is a Bernese mountain dog. She has 1 blue eye. She is such a calm beautiful girl. She is happy to share a part of the couch with you. She loves to run with the pack or just lay around.

Marlie G just had her first litter of Bernese mountain dogs with Lord Darwin.

She is an excellent mom.

Marlie G

Lily Bernese – July 31, 2018

Lily is a sweet energetic girl who loves to run in the yard. She lives with her guardian mom and is helping her as a therapy dog. At the end of her program she should be ready to be Sandra’s full time service dog.


Bailey – October 26, 2018

Bailey is the daughter of Kinder and Marley.  She is so sweet and calm and loves to cuddle. When she gets excited her tail doesn’t stop wagging. Her bum wags right along with it. Bailey sits and watches TV like a human on her bum. She reaches over to grab your hand to rub her belly. 

Lady Zara – June 30, 2018

Lady Zara is a beautiful standard poodle. She loves to cuddle on the couch and doesn’t know what personal space is. She is in your lap most of the time.  She likes to be outside in the summer but not a fan of the cold weather.  She likes to be pampered and a pretty bow in her hair.  Lady Zara is a really good mom and has beautiful puppies.


Marley – Male

Standard Poodle Colour Chocolate Phantom

Marley B Jammin, Born December 22, 2017 in Michigan. He is a 60 lb, 28 inch Standard Chocolate Phantom poodle.

AKC/CKC Registered. Lovable energentic. Loves all his girls.

He is proven in 7 litters.

Health tested clear through DNA My Dog. Pennhips.



Moyen Poodle Colour Apricot Parti

Regal is a smart boy. Born in December 2018 in Hungary and brought to Canada.

He is a Moyen size Apricot Parti Poodle, 17 inches height and weighs 20 lbs.


Jaxson – March 21, 2020

Jaxson  is a warm and loving friend.  He is an enthusiastic pup, but he stays close to his family and is very well behaved.

He gets along well with other dogs, is playful with cats and is even pretty good buddies with the family ferret Paul.

Jaxson had his genetic health testing with DNA My Dog and is CLEAR.

Jaxson at kawartha Doodles

Lord Darwin – December 19, 2019

Lord Darwin is a big sweet cuddly Bernese mountain dog. He is big and goofy.

Darwin loves to be lazy on the deck after running with the girls. He truly is a gentle giant. 

Darwin has passed his health testing with DNA My Dog, He passed his pennhip.

Darwin Kawarthadoodles

Cashton – June 3rd, 2021

Cashton is a Registered standard poodle.
He is very playful and has learn a few tricks. He walks well on a leash.
Cashton is ready to go to his new home.
He loves to be around people.


Franklin – November 2020

Franklin is a tri-coloured F1 mini bernedoodle that inherited the best of both his parents! Franklin’s Dad is Regal and his Mom is Kinder. Franklin weights around 32 pounds.

He is a very social active dog and enjoys chasing (and stealing his sister’s) frisbees, playing toy tug, running as fast as he can across the yard, and bird watching.

When he’s not in active mode, he’s cuddling with his sister Pepper and his family. He’s a very loving, happy dog and is a great support to an Autistic youth at his guardian home.