Words cannot explain how much love and joy I feel.

John ManleyMany of my close friends know what hell I have been going through. I was diagnosed a while back with severe PTSD. I have had it for many years and I knew it but me wanting to be the strong one that could never be broken no matter what finally broke. Many of my friends know what has happened to me in the past and have been there supporting me in the long hard battle I am fighting.

I have had things done to me that no person should ever have to go though. We fight as long as we can until there is no more fight left. Now with the help of my amazing friends I am on my way to recovery. My wife Denise who only learned last year of what I have been fighting with has been such a rock for me making sure that no matter what she is by my side.

I do have a special thank you to a lady that up until yesterday I had never met in person. I have been searching for a service dog for a while now and through a friend at Veteran Farmer in Belleville I met up with a woman who has an amazingly big heart. Cheryl Marmee Spears, donated two beautiful Bernedoodle puppies to two veterans who were looking for a dog. I was gifted one last night and as I said words cannot express the amount of love I feel. I would like to introduce the newest member of our family. This beautiful little lady’s name is Poppy.

I want to wish all of you all a Merry Christmas.

from John Manley


MeekaThis is Meeka, she is a bernedoodle from the November 17th, 2019 litter. We are very pleased with Cheryl, as she was amazing with us and we are very happy with our girl.

Meeka is a very sweet but active girl who is very smart and trains easily. She loves to play fetch with a Frisbee and loves the snow. We are looking forward to watching her grow and spending many years with her. She fits perfectly in our family. Thank you Cheryl for everything, we are more than happy with our newest addition.

Kirsten Sevenco


We have just purchased “Emmett”, a Bernedoodle, from Cheryl, and we are super excited to be bringing him home soon. Cheryl’s love for the pets is obvious and re-assuring. Emmett is well looked after, socialized, and a happy puppy. And Cheryl made the purchasing process super simple.

What we really like is the training. Cheryl works with a professional trainer to ensure the pet has been introduced to basic commands. We were so impressed with the trainer – Veronica – that we added an additional 4 weeks, so that Emmett was well on his way to responding to basic commands. We would highly recommend this duo if you are looking for anew pet. THANKS “guys”

Rick Gray

Ellie Mae

We are thrilled with Abi (now called Ellie Mae), our first dog. She is adorable and so sweet-natured. I was super impressed with the genetic testing done on the parents, the well-worded, simple contract and 2 year health guarantee.

Ellie MaeHer training was obviously top-notch so we added a bit more time before we picked her up. She is extremely well-behaved, barely whined in the crate her first night and almost never nips; even when she does it’s gentle and easily redirected to a toy. I’ve only heard her bark once other than when she plays which we allow (normal for a puppy). She is almost perfectly potty-trained too! A huge relief! We weren’t sure she would go with a leash on as we don’t have a fence but she learned quickly. I wouldn’t have believed that a puppy her age could be so loving and well-behaved. I’m continuing her training as shown by the trainer and she’s learning and improving so quickly; she’s a very smart girl and will be perfect as my service dog once day. She’s already been to a restaurant at 10 weeks old!

Thanks for including some basics when she was dropped off. It’s nice to have a blanket and a few toys to start her off. You made a good choice having your puppies trained by Veronica before sale. I look forward to many awesome years with her.

Rebecca, Jennifer, Menzies Ednie

We now have two of the best puppies we’ve ever had! Bernadoodles are amazing!

Great lady! Great experience!

Jenny Jackson