4 Paws & Wagging Tails Training & Spa*

Are you thinking of getting a puppy?  Not looking forward to getting up half the night, crate training and dealing with puppy basics?  Let us do the work for you so you can get your sleep!

Two Week Training

2 week board and training package includes:

  • Introduction to basic manners
  • Recall (Learn their name)
  • Introduction to:  sit, down, leave it, off, no bite, walking on a leash, crate training.

During this time, your puppy will also become familiar with bathing, grooming and nail trimming.  Puppy will be fully groomed before going home.

Four Week Training

4 week board and training package includes:

  • Puppies will perfect the skills from the previous two weeks. Puppy will receive two full grooming sessions before going home.

Eight Week Training

Our eight week training package includes a more intesnse training focus on skills previously learned.  Puppies will be introduced to more advanced training such as:

  • “Focus” so you can get their attention.
  • “Leave it” so if you drop something, they will leave it alone.
  • Loose leash and off leash walking.
  • Ring a bell to go outside. Some are good with it, some are not.
  • “Place” (pup will go to their bed and stay until you give them the release command)
  • Potty on command
  • Training with distractions
  • Introduced to other dogs and people
  • Safe riding in a vehicle and public access

During this period we can also intruduce any special skills at your request.

Puppy Kindergarden

Your puppy will do training, socialize with other dogs and go home each night.

Spaces are limited, Please book early.
Call or text Cheryl at 705-344-2720

* A division of Kawartha Doodles.  We are a family owned and operated business, serving the Kawartha Lakes for over 8 years.

Watch some Training in Action

Baxter –  10 weeks old

Joe –  12 weeks old