Upcoming Litters

Looking forward to our upcoming puppies?  Here is some information on the Mother’s to be and their approximate expectancy date.

Bernedoodles are $3500.00 each.


Kinder’s due-date June 1st, 2020

Kinder and Regal are expecting mini bernedoodles the beginning of June!

Kinder is a Bernese mountain dog.

She gets so excited when someone comes to see her.

She has learned not to jump on people, so she will jump in front of you like a kangaroo.

Kinder is a great mom.  She looks after her pups until they leave for their forever homes. She is a very loving girl!


Lily Bernese and Marley B-Jammin

Are expecting F1 standard Bernedoodles

Due date June 25th

I am very excited to meet these little ones.

Lily is a sweet energetic girl who loves to run in the yard. She lives with her guardian mom and is helping her as a therapy dog. At the end of her program she should be ready to be Sandra’s full time service dog.


Bailey and Regal are expecting F1b mini Bernedoodles

Due date July 4th

Bailey is the daughter of Kinder and Marley.  She is so sweet and calm and loves to cuddle. When she gets excited her tail doesn’t stop wagging. Her bum wags right along with it. Bailey sits and watches TV like a human on her bum. She reaches over to grab your hand to rub her belly. 

I can’t wait to meet her babies!

Lady Zara and Marley B-Jammin

Lady Zara’s due-date is July 6th, 2020

Are expecting a litter of standard poodles. I can’t wait to see these sweet babies! Both parents are phantom poodles.
Lady Zara Is a loving girl. She has no idea what personal space means. She is a very well mannered.

Our Boys

Marley – Male

Standard Poodle Colour Chocolate Phantom

Marley B Jammin, Born December 22, 2017 in Michigan. He is a 60 lb, 28 inch Standard Chocolate Phantom poodle.

AKC/CKC Registered. Lovable energentic. Loves all his girls.

He is proven in 7 litters.

Health tested clear through DNA My Dog. Pennhips.



Moyen Poodle Colour Apricot Parti

Regal is a smart boy. Born in December 2018 in Hungary and brought to Canada.

He is a Moyen size Apricot Parti Poodle, 17 inches height and weighs 20 lbs.